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two in one day?! it’s all about the blog

Via the righteous blog, the awesome engtech has directed readers to a blogger’s prize drawing run by graphic designer, David Airey.  The winners get an intense delight of blog redesigning joy.  Outside of his beautiful logo work, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the podcasting kit!

With that said, Miss Boom Boom, Suss, my Righteous Ms. Al, piluso, Neat Stripe and BH, et al:  Get on this train!

As you were.

when snarky comments happen to good posts…

For those who know and love the machinations of wordpress, you might have noticed that the feed stats have been retired. It was fun while it lasted.

In any case, there was a bit of a fracas that erupted on the forums that made me laugh. I know I shouldn’t but it is kind of fun when techies get into a slap-fight.

June 13th resolution: I will not laugh at the wounded ego of others.