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Solution for 12.16.07

NPR Sunday Puzzle Challenge for December 16, 2007:

Think of a common six-letter word with the following unusual properties: The third and fourth letters are consonants, which are silent, and the fifth letter is a “T” which is pronounced twice.

What word is this?

Solution for 12.09.07

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle for December 9, 2007:

Think of a well-known actor. Take the first five letters of his first name, and the last five letters of his last name, together, in order. These letters spell the name of a major American city.

Who is the actor and what is the city?

Solution for 10.28.07

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle for October 28, 2007:

Name something you might wear in the summer. The answer will have two words, with five letters in the first word and three letters in the second. Remove the next-to-last letter and read the result backward and you’ll get a word that means “blocks.”

What words are these?

Solution for 10.15.07

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle for October 15, 2007:

Name a country in 11 letters that has an R in its name. Change the R to a K. Rearrange all the letters to name three makes of automobiles.

What is the country, and what are the autos?