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two in one day?! it’s all about the blog

Via the righteous blog, the awesome engtech has directed readers to a blogger’s prize drawing run by graphic designer, David Airey.  The winners get an intense delight of blog redesigning joy.  Outside of his beautiful logo work, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the podcasting kit!

With that said, Miss Boom Boom, Suss, my Righteous Ms. Al, piluso, Neat Stripe and BH, et al:  Get on this train!

As you were.


for a jarring change of pace…

This is a brief time out from the emo craptacular that I call my world to give a special shout out to my peeps in Chitown…

You see, to cheer up her gloomy Genghis, Miss Boom Boom brought yer grrl to a great show at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night. White Rabbits. A kin to santoki. Heard of them? I hadn’t before this weekend, and lordy have I been missing out.

They are a bunch of cute hipsters who can rock out in that ska without horns kind of way. Super fun! So for my Chicago crew, check them out on Tuesday, 5 June 2007 at Schuba’s. They put on a great show, and they might be playing a few new songs, which is funny considering that the album came out less than a month ago.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Moody McAnnoyingpants.

just for the gals…


Gal Pal Miss Karna Rae has started a business, and all my girls need to know. This fashionista extraordinaire is a personal shopper to ladies with more clothes than reasons to wear them. With their closets overflowing with goodness, Miss Rae has been charged with consignment.  Seriously, the rolling racks Miss Rae brings back to Chicago are hysterical, if slightly gross in an overconsumption kind of way. Most of this stuff has never been worn, or worn once to showcase. I am not sure whether I should be angry, or counting my blessings. I am so torn. ARGH!

Anyway, though she kindly lets me look, there is just too, too much. And frankly, I am more the paint on her clothes kind of gal. But I digress. The consignment shop.

Miss Karna Rae is peddling her wares at a fraction of the original cost on the ebay. Mind you, most of the haul is super DUPER designer stuff. Tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, and outerwear. The clothing sizes range from six through ten, and the shoes are usually around a size 8, though it will vary. I am totally vouching for her. Everything she is selling is 100% authentic.

Her seller name is kraejohn, though you should be able to find her by clicking on that yummy LV bag to your left.