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tales from the dark city…

[EDIT: When I wrote this, I was imagining Humphrey Bogart ala Maltese Falcon. Maybe it got lost in the translation…]

Details in the story may be smaller then they appear. Please use caution.

My Life as Film Noir

love, karaoke style…

rock4.gifAn ever revolving group of us like to head up to the Hidden Cove every now and again for some karaoke. The place is super laid back, lit by beer sign neon, and filled with hipsters, creepy old dudes, and the occasional musical theater types. Only on the rarest occasion will the drunken frat boy belt out “Friends in Low Places,” and it is mainly to the horror of all those in attendance. Happily, most of the performers don’t take themselves very seriously, and everyone is wonderfully supportive. Pretty much, if you ham it up, you will find yourself with groupies gallore!

In any case, I have come up with the keys to a successful karaoke outing:

1. Go in a pack. You need a minimum of three people to make this night fun. Otherwise, one person is sitting alone while you go and indulge in a rock star fantasy. Four is better, as duets might abound, and bonus: you have a built in cheering section.

2. Plan a “go-to” song. Pick one out before you go in, that way you don’t spend all of your time going through the binder. It is usually too big to rifle through for your first tune anyway. Save the browsing for when you really can’t make eye contact with your horribly off key friend.

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