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item 18: finding miss meliss

While I love making lists, it is on rare occasion that I put them to use.  Shopping lists end up in the wrong bag, to do lists end up on the first page of unused Moleskines, and my 101 list seems to be going nowhere.  

On New Years Day  (okay, yesterday), I looked over to see if there were any that I might check off.  Happily, there was one:

18.  Reconnect with a long lost friend.

left behind!

Those who know and love me are fully aware of my little jaunt over to the left coast last week. It seems that my folks felt I didn’t get enough golf over the holidays and needed to come out for one more week before the new semester.

Who am I to argue with their logic?

free and clear… almost.

During the holiday season, traditions abound. Families will gather by the hearth. Some eat a big goose. Others indulge in an appetite inducing tramp through a nearby wooded area. More than a few will hoof it to the local mall to return those gifts that missed the mark. Recently, I heard of one that requires the involvement of a ceramic dolphin. As for my family, we are devoid of the routines that mar the yuletide, and happily so.

That is, except for the one.

hamfest. it’s not what you think

Cheese and crackers.

Has it really been over a month since the last entry?