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hamfest. it’s not what you think

Cheese and crackers.

Has it really been over a month since the last entry?

thoughts on a new president part 4 – Stephen Colbert

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Hypothetically speaking, if Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report was a person rather than persona, I would pass out. I love that brash, smug, alpha male. I heart that balls to the wall, take no prisoners, are you inside my joke, welcome to my universe attitude that makes an uptight, liberal gal like me unclench.

South Carolina will have the best primary ever.


boom boom is 27!

Though devastated that I am not in NYC to celebrate the happy, happy birthdays of Miss Boom Boom, Savory, and Suss, I am sending the best of wishes. With that said, here is a little something from my imaginary boyfriend that will fill two to three birthday gals with glee!

Much love ladies!

P.S.  After a long hiatus of lazy posts and outright nothings, I’m back.  Sort of.  We’ll see.

story for AKA stephanie

At my work a day, I am in the process of pulling together an off-site meeting for twenty or so people.  Part of the tedium that goes along with the success of said event is visiting the location.  I hightailed it onto the Metro North, and got myself to a beautiful campus in Chappaqua.  I toured the site, met with the sales manager, and began to go over the contract detail.

We stepped into a conference room to discuss the particulars.  At this point, the facility director came over and offered me a cold beverage.  This was much appreciated as we walked most of the campus.  As we are sitting down to work, he said, “Oh dear.  I’m so sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  It’s lunch time and I haven’t offered you anything to eat.  Can I get something for you?  Perhaps a nice Philly cheese steak?”

That was just about the best question anyone has ever asked me.