feminist ha-ha

[EDIT: I posted this on October 09, 2006 @ 23:28 on a blog that I did for a writing class. It still amuses me. I am tossing it back in the archives at the end of the week.]

Usually, I don’t watch Jay Leno. His jokes are designed for trucked-in tourists who’ve been standing in the sun too long.  I find it appalling that he directs cat-fight noises towards his female guests who express a strong opinion about anything.

It was by chance that his show was on in the background when Jay introduced his next guest, Annika Sorenstam. Since I watch as much golf as I do Jay Leno,  I wasn’t expecting the chuckles. Color me surprised.

Sorenstam was speaking about playing golf with her buddy Tiger Woods. She said that they would get very competitive, and would make bets on the game. When asked if they bet by the hole, she responded, “By the game, but I only get about a seventh of what he makes.”

That is what we call a zinger. Unfortunately, Jay’s audience didn’t get the funny.