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just for the gals…


Gal Pal Miss Karna Rae has started a business, and all my girls need to know. This fashionista extraordinaire is a personal shopper to ladies with more clothes than reasons to wear them. With their closets overflowing with goodness, Miss Rae has been charged with consignment.  Seriously, the rolling racks Miss Rae brings back to Chicago are hysterical, if slightly gross in an overconsumption kind of way. Most of this stuff has never been worn, or worn once to showcase. I am not sure whether I should be angry, or counting my blessings. I am so torn. ARGH!

Anyway, though she kindly lets me look, there is just too, too much. And frankly, I am more the paint on her clothes kind of gal. But I digress. The consignment shop.

Miss Karna Rae is peddling her wares at a fraction of the original cost on the ebay. Mind you, most of the haul is super DUPER designer stuff. Tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, and outerwear. The clothing sizes range from six through ten, and the shoes are usually around a size 8, though it will vary. I am totally vouching for her. Everything she is selling is 100% authentic.

Her seller name is kraejohn, though you should be able to find her by clicking on that yummy LV bag to your left.

fashionista, or walking billboard…

Yup, I heart Project Runway, and I am not afraid to admit it. I will also add that keeping current on the show has been an amazing feat to accomplish from someone who does not have cable! Kudos for me for finding a way. starbuckscoffee2.jpg

So, fan favorite Mychael Knight (dig the crazy y) designed a t-shirt for Starbucks. That’s just what this world needs. Sponsored casual wear. Though my disdain for being a tool for the man is off the chart, so is my my closeted love for some over-priced coffee. That’s right. I’m out. Off I went to the site. I put in my favorite beverage from the evil empire and got myself a custom shirt. Nicest part, it’s free!

I was ready to put in an order for my cousin when I realized 2 things: first, I don’t know what my cousin’s beverage of choice might be. Second, they are out of shirts for the day. Wow. Just like getting a good price on an airline ticket!

I am guessing that fate wanted me to get this shirt. I hope that it will get me the cojones to actually wear this thing in public!

For those of you that want this shirt, the giveaway starts at 10AM PST, and is happening until February 28, 2007. There are a fixed number of shirts daily (10,000 total), and they run out within the first few minutes every day. Now be a good shill and get yourself a free shirt.