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do you take it with milk or lemon?

I am asking this in a completely non-disparaging way:  What are the teabaggers protesting?

I have been seeing pictures on the news with gatherings of hundreds of people.  Some were calling for revolution while others secession, all carrying signs targeting the President and his administration.  Were they expecting that all of the economic troubles that began years ago to disappear within the first 86 days of the new Presidency?   Or maybe it has something to do with the unregulated bailout money doled out under Bush.

ugh. facebook.

Yeah. I know. Everyone and their mom is griping about the new facebook layout. Add mine to the pile.

Just like everyone, I am annoyed by the twitter-like feed. It is a completely valid complaint. Figure this: when you send out a tweet, you do your thing and are on your way. I can see what you’re up to, maybe a link to a blog entry, or even a picture. Sure, you might send a couple of @messages, but as a follower I can easily block that out. That’s that. No more.

It’s like a news ticker, but with friends.

I’m a monster too!

“She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything,” – Samantha Power on Hillary Clinton

The wonderful Samantha Power was chatting with the folks over at The Scotsman when she made this little doozy of a statement. Set aside the point that off the record doesn’t seem to hold the same respect as it once did, is it really a big deal?

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beyond the rhetoric

justabill.jpgThere has been a lot of blah-bitty-blah from the Clinton machine, her supporters, and even those I love about Barack Obama. They criticize his experience, his rhetoric, and even his pie-eyed supporters. In as much as I would like to point an equally judgmental finger at all of the negative naysayers, I won’t.

At least not for now.