50 States

As part of the 101 series, what follows is a list of states that I have visited. And by visited, I mean actually stopped and looked around at something other than a rest area. That doesn’t mean that I needed to stay, it just means that I was really there.

  1. Grew up in New York.
  2. Spent the second half of my childhood in New Jersey.
  3. Went skiing in Pennsylvania.
  4. Went whale-watching from a harbor in Connecticut. Plus Dawn and John live there.
  5. I was amazed at the loveliness of Rhode Island.
  6. Went mountain biking in Vermont.
  7. Went to the “Running of the Brides” in Massachusetts.
  8. Played my bari in New Hampshire,
  9. Ate lobsters in Maine,
  10. Actively ignored my entire afternoon in Delaware,
  11. Saw a girl levitate at a Bela Fleck/Tony Triska concert in Maryland,
  12. Learned about a lost colony in Virginia.
  13. Rebuilt a roof in West Virginia.
  14. Flattened spoons on railroad tracks in Kentucky.
  15. Fell into a whole bunch of rivers in North Carolina.
  16. Visited my grandmother’s best friend in South Carolina.
  17. Played midnight bocce in Georgia.
  18. Ate Key Lime Pie in Florida.
  19. Saw the Sun Sphere in Tennessee.
  20. Had a pretty fantastic Thanksgiving weekend in Michigan.
  21. Favorite birthday in Indiana.
  22. Illegal crawfish boil in Louisiana.
  23. Saw the best and worst baseball games in Missouri.
  24. Fell in love in Illinois.
  25. Saw a house on a rock in Wisconsin.
  26. Was mistaken for a “somebody” in Minnesota.
  27. Ate a smoked turkey leg in Iowa.
  28. Ate a two pound burger at the KONG in Nebraska.
  29. Had an entirely forgettable time in Kansas.
  30. Learned the meaning of “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” in New Mexico.
  31. Lost my breath in Colorado.
  32. Saw a Mammoth wonder of nature in Wyoming.
  33. Saw an eagle in its nest in Montana.
  34. Ate a potato in Idaho.
  35. No time to mate in Utah.
  36. Grabbed Penn Gillette’s bottom in Nevada.
  37. Saw my mom and dad in California.
  38. Dodged falling coconuts in Hawaii.
  39. Reconnected with some gorgeous people in Washington.
  40. Found the ex in Texas.

So that leaves:

  1. Alaska
  2. Oregon
  3. Arizona*
  4. North Dakota
  5. South Dakota*
  6. Oklahoma*
  7. Arkansas*
  8. Alabama*
  9. Mississippi*
  10. Ohio*

* driven through, but didn’t visit.