do you take it with milk or lemon?

by santoki

I am asking this in a completely non-disparaging way:  What are the teabaggers protesting?

I have been seeing pictures on the news with gatherings of hundreds of people.  Some were calling for revolution while others secession, all carrying signs targeting the President and his administration.  Were they expecting that all of the economic troubles that began years ago to disappear within the first 86 days of the new Presidency?  Or maybe it has something to do with the unregulated bailout money doled out under Bush. Or is it the newer regulated bailout money that signals too much government oversight. Or maybe they are all making over a quarter of a million dollars annually and can’t handle the extra 3 percent.

And why on tax day?  Surely this isn’t symbolic of the high taxation.  Personally I am getting back far more than I expected, as are most of the people I know.  Does the protest involve anything besides sloganeering and the waving of teabags?  Are they boycotting the income tax?  Did they file a return?  I hope so, as they probably have a nice refund waiting for them.

In any case, I am interested in knowing the deal, as it doesn’t seem like there is a precise focus on this protest.  From an outsider’s perspective it kind of looks like a free-for-all amongst the far right-wing constituent micro-minority.