ugh. facebook.

by santoki

Yeah. I know. Everyone and their mom is griping about the new facebook layout. Add mine to the pile.

Just like everyone, I am annoyed by the twitter-like feed. It is a completely valid complaint. Figure this: when you send out a tweet, you do your thing and are on your way. I can see what you’re up to, maybe a link to a blog entry, or even a picture. Sure, you might send a couple of @messages, but as a follower I can easily block that out. That’s that. No more.

It’s like a news ticker, but with friends.

On the other hand, Facebook is a completely different monster. People spend long swaths of time on the book of face. Heck, I do too. They are stalking, gaming, or answering stupid quizzes. The result: every friggin’ thing ends up on my feed, one right after another. I open facebook and what do I see? More often than not, it is the wasted timeline of one single person. Sure, it might be a different friend at any given time, but still. Of one particular friend’s spouse, I quickly learned top 5 books, movies, beers, unforgettable albums, her House character, the country she should live in, and how many eggs she has found. I’m really not that interested in seeing how much spare time she has. As much as I would like to block the dreck, the only way to shrink this insane image of her is to block her from my feed completely. What’s the point of that? This new binary system of the feed selection is ludicrous.

You know, when the second to last big change came out, I actually liked it. I didn’t complain and I thought that with a few tweaks, this could be a really elegant system. Now? Ugh. It’s a hot mess.

Don’t even get me started on the right side of the screen.