item 18: finding miss meliss

by santoki

While I love making lists, it is on rare occasion that I put them to use.  Shopping lists end up in the wrong bag, to do lists end up on the first page of unused Moleskines, and my 101 list seems to be going nowhere.  

On New Years Day  (okay, yesterday), I looked over to see if there were any that I might check off.  Happily, there was one:

 18. Reconnect with a long lost friend.

Mind you, it was no herculean effort.  It’s just the brave new electronic age in which we live.  It was as simple as looking up Miss on the book of face, finding that there were 17 matches, seeing one particular gal who is pals with a certain other IS 7 alum, and click, click, click.  Voila!

Different states and new decades make it difficult to stay connected, but I must say that the magic of Facebook makes the distance a bit easier.  So in honor of my very first friend, I am making a new list.

Here are my ten favorite things about the Miss that I knew and the woman that she is now, in no particular order:

  1. She has a wonderfully bizarre sense of humor that I have never seen in another human.
  2. She has long since realized that bologna and ketchup sandwiches are truly disgusting.
  3. She is conscious of how a mom’s self image can be passed down to her daughter.
  4. Not only does she remember the name of Miss Hooks, my archnemesis of a third grade teacher, but also recalls the completely inappropriate behavior of our fourth grade teacher,who will remain nameless.
  5. She threw me my first and only surprise party, for which I will always adore her.
  6. She is from Staten Island and still has the accent to prove it.
  7. She has an awesome dance to go with the ringtone on her phone.
  8. She calls her parents by their first names.  I don’t know why, but I love it.
  9. She has a daughter with multiple tiaras, which is very amusing if you know Miss.
  10. She is my friend.

Sometimes we can see old friends and there is a disconnect.  We grow our separate ways and are content with the history that we have had.  But other times, if we are very lucky, we find that even with a decade or so apart we are still on the same road.  

Or at least running wonderfully parallel.  

Love you Miss!