I’m a monster too!

by santoki

“She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything,” – Samantha Power on Hillary Clinton

The wonderful Samantha Power was chatting with the folks over at The Scotsman when she made this little doozy of a statement. Set aside the point that off the record doesn’t seem to hold the same respect as it once did, is it really a big deal?

For the most part, Obama’s campaign does not make a habit of hurling insults, nor do they care for the fear-mongering techniques of Hillary’s campaign, nor do they make a practice of spouting lies and half-truths. They have tried to stay above this politics as usual not because they can’t hack it, but because nobody wants to hear that tired old game anymore. And yet, this small remark seemed to get everyone’s panties in a bunch.

So what’s the big deal. Hillary can compare Barack to Kenneth Starr, endorse John McCain, and pretty much have her husband say all of the obnoxious things she can’t say out loud. Does Barack retort that Howard Wolfson, Bill or even Hillary herself resign? Not really. But then again, an on/off the record comment is definitely worse.

The reality is that Hillary has been running a very messy campaign. She has been slinging mud since Iowa. And then, Hillary bitches and moans about unfair coverage in the press. Well you know what? She brought it on herself. You reap what you sow, my friend.

If she really stands by her record, her myopic vision she calls legislation, and her conservative outlook on everything besides health care, then work it. Don’t waste everyone’s time and energy doing the bidding of the Republican party. A dirty campaign now just means another 4 years of Republican control. With Hillary’s eyes on the prize, she is losing sight of the bigger picture. She says that she’s the best for the country. She wants to be president at any cost. We get it. If she really wants to do what’s right, she should win cleanly. Not like a mudslinging, dirty swamp thing.

Samantha Power, we will miss you. Even if you weren’t getting paid.