bitchslapping compliments – Part 3

by santoki

Finishing up all those half-hearted entries, I bring to you a follow-up to Miss Boom Boom’s follow-up, part three of the back-handed compliment series:

” You’re with who?!” *

colinvmasi.jpgSetting the way back machine, let us recall a time when we were the Gals of Corwin L. Many a night was wiled away engaging in deeply philosophical discussions. They ranged from my brief political infatuation with Ralph Nader, to whether or not a particular roommate was guilty of cutting the crotches out of panties.

At the core of one particularly heated debate was the following question: Would you rather date someone who was universally handsome but equally regarded as an a-hole, or would you rather be dating someone who paints not quite as a pretty picture but is an all-around nice guy?

College girls. It was a fascinating discussion, to be sure. While it might not have been one of our more socially conscientious discussions, it was an interesting journey into our own personal foibles. At the heart of the matter was what you believe your choice in a partner reflects in you.

When toting a Chloe Apple Clutch, one wonders how someone like you can manage to snag such a hottie. On the other hand, they also might wonder what’s wrong with you that you would subject yourself to such a ridiculous accessory. Believe what you will. Someone will always think one or the other. Either way, they will covet your prize.

Conversely, when going for the sensible messenger bag, others may think you can rock a better look. Then again, they also see that you are not only sensible, but wonderfully content with your baggage. If you are lucky, they will see you for the unpretentious gal that you are, rather than someone with no self-esteem who can get a lot better. Be happy that everyone will agree that he has a great personality.

In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter. No matter who you chose, someone will always wonder what you are thinking. As Tim Gunn might say “Chacun à son goût.”

Unless of course you are the Brices. Then everyone will just be jealous.


* I know its whom. It just doesn’t sound right with question and exclamation marks. And for the record, I would chose Masi in a heartbeat every single time. Adorable and brilliant. A total winner in everybody’s book. I know he is not exactly a messenger bag, but you get the idea.