Solution for 12.16.07

by santoki

NPR Sunday Puzzle Challenge for December 16, 2007:

Think of a common six-letter word with the following unusual properties: The third and fourth letters are consonants, which are silent, and the fifth letter is a “T” which is pronounced twice.

What word is this?

I haven’t got a clue. At first, I thought eighty, but is the t really pronounced twice? Then, I thought eights because it kind of sounds right, sort of. But then again, so does yachts, sights, tights, wights, mights, mighty, nighty…

I would really rather someone tell me the correct answer on this one.

EDIT:  From the Will on Weekend Edition:  “The answer is eighth.  The ‘g’ and ‘h’ are silent.  The fifth letter ‘T’ is pronounced first as a ‘T’ and then as part of ‘th.’  It’s a very weird word.”

So close, yet so far.