Solution for 12.09.07

by santoki

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle for December 9, 2007:

Think of a well-known actor. Take the first five letters of his first name, and the last five letters of his last name, together, in order. These letters spell the name of a major American city.

Josephine Baker doing the CharlestonWho is the actor and what is the city?

Arguably known best for his role as Moses, Charlton “from my cold, dead hands” Heston has been keeping a lower profile since his tenure as NRA president. As he is not in the best of physical condition these days, I will be nice and not say one ding dong thing about the gun loving right-winger.

As for the city, did you know that there are at least 16 U.S. cities with the name Charleston, and at least 7 with the variation of Charlestown?

I would guess that the major American city Will is referring to might be Charleston, SC. Or maybe Charleston, WV.

Who know? Let’s boogie!