do not disturb…

by santoki

On occasion, those who know and love me ask why I blog. Valid question. I have boiled it down to five reasons:

  1. Practice writing – Lord knows I need it.
  2. Vent about politics – My nearest and dearest don’t seem to share my enthusiasm.
  3. A quick word to those I heart – A little less invasive than a mass email.
  4. Message in a bottle – Mostly unnecessary blather that is of little interest to anyone within my circle but outside of my brain

Which brings us to reason number five. This, perhaps more than anything else, is the true reason:

Some of my friends are inconsiderate a-holes.

And who, pray tell has my panties in such a bundle? One hint: 3 AM text message. That’s right. No matter how many times I hint, beg and plead, this brick can’t seem to figure out the concept of time zones. A text message sent from London at 9 AM will be received in Chicago at 3 AM. Loudly.

Those who know and love me are full aware that I suffer from a rather raging form of insomnia. Compound that with this infernal medicine and zombie novels, and girlfriend is having a bitch of a time getting to sleep. Does that stop this marvel of manners?


I’ve asked him on several occasions to curb the practice of texting at ridiculous hours. His response: You should just turn your phone off at night. So let me get this straight. Because I have one person in the world that insists on texting me at an hour that I should be sleeping, I should turn my phone off every frickin night. That’s right. ONE!

Just you.

You can’t seem to get it through your thick skull that my phone is my alarm clock, and it doesn’t have the special “night mode” found in your technological wonder. Unlike the rest of my well mannered cohorts, you can’t seem to process that unless it’s a booty call or death’s door, save it for the morning. And because you didn’t listen when I asked and asked and asked you to stop, I am creating a special contact list in my phone that is on all silent, all the time.

And I am naming it after you.

Gary *


* Still love you!