cramming my big head into a little box…

by santoki

For an extended period of my brief history on this world, I have little to no photographic evidence. Occasionally, a snapshot will pass my way via doubles that Mrs. Wolcott was so kind to have made. Also on occasion, I might have purchased a disposable camera to record a bit for posterity. Then again, I have a lot of undeveloped cameras under some random pile of stuff.

All this has changed. As a proud owner of a Leica C-Lux, I have been kind of ridiculous with the picture taking. Mind you, these are hardly what you would call Annie Leibovitz, Diane Arbus, or heck even Amy Arbus. These are snapshots with a capital S.  Most of the time, I simply extend my arm and smoosh my face into that of a loved one.

Seriously, I have an insane amount of pictures taken this way. For the most part, my head is so huge, that I wouldn’t be able to tell where we were if not for the pictures before and after the shot. See exhibits 1 through bazillion.

Three and my big head!Laurie and my big headMr. Math!
Steve and my big head.sigrid.jpg

To my noodles in the pictures, all my love!