another jarring change of pace…

by santoki

Simian Mobile Disco

On 7.7.07, Young Master J and I hightailed it to Studio B in the too cool for school Greenpoint neighborhood of crooklyn to see Simian Mobile Disco. If you’re like me and seriously out of the loop when it comes to the electronic dance music scene, well there you go.

It seems that SMD was making their “live” NYC debut. Those who know and love me are full aware that I use air quotes as sparingly as possible. What can I say? They annoy me. But in this case, it can’t be helped. I can’t begin to figure out what was happening during the performance, but it went something like this: center stage was a huge patch bay of sorts. One of two guys was jiggling along with the music, all the while plugging and unplugging patch cables. Another guy behind the bay was doing something else. What it was, I can’t be sure.


Okay, so it wasn’t the most inspiring performance. On the other hand, the output of whatever the heck it was they were doing spit some pretty outstanding party music. Take that Moby, you pretentious hack. They played a fun, fun, fun fifty minute set, and left the crowd wanting just a bit more. With that, I leave you with these six words:

Hipsters and dance music. Who knew?

p.s. Item 39: Made it through an entire show, thank you very much.