pretty go boom!

by santoki

A year ago yesterday, my Righteous Ms. Al and I went to see the fireworks over the Hudson River. Stuff that dreams are made of, except for the fact that the Macy’s big show is shot over the East River. That’s right. My Righteous Ms. Al and I were stuck watching the Jersey fireworks.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

In any case, this year was to be different. You see, though I am a right coast gal, I have never seen the big shoe. Yup. Just like New Year’s Eve in Times Square, it was just one of those things that the New Yorker in me avoided. Save that crap for the tourists. After all, it would be hot and crowded and I could just watch it on WPIX.

But then, it all changed after witnessing the massive pyrotechnics of the Venetian Night Festival in Chicago. For the first time, I had the full surround experience that only exists when viewing the works up close. So that’s the big deal.

Suffice it to say, the evening was a BLAST (couldn’t resist)! Reports from Manhattan claim that the smoke, fog, and storm clouds obstructed the views of the fireworks.  Sucks to be them, oui?  This is because girlfriend was watching from the other shore and can happily say that reports of obstruction are greatly exaggerated.  But I digress.  Lil’ Yum and I did a little BBQ shuffle to meet up with the Randolph contingency for a little right shore roof deck action from Crooklyn.   We ended our F-train travels situated happily atop the sickest apartment in Carroll Gardens. I would be remiss if I didn’t offer a special thanks to Ms. Chitown X. Pat for hosting a loverly evening on a school night!

Anywho, big bangs, with a lot of sparkle and shine.

So to my Righteous Ms. Al: Wish you were here!

pretty go boom!