story for AKA stephanie

by santoki

At my work a day, I am in the process of pulling together an off-site meeting for twenty or so people.  Part of the tedium that goes along with the success of said event is visiting the location.  I hightailed it onto the Metro North, and got myself to a beautiful campus in Chappaqua.  I toured the site, met with the sales manager, and began to go over the contract detail.

We stepped into a conference room to discuss the particulars.  At this point, the facility director came over and offered me a cold beverage.  This was much appreciated as we walked most of the campus.  As we are sitting down to work, he said, “Oh dear.  I’m so sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  It’s lunch time and I haven’t offered you anything to eat.  Can I get something for you?  Perhaps a nice Philly cheese steak?”

That was just about the best question anyone has ever asked me.