for a jarring change of pace…

by santoki

This is a brief time out from the emo craptacular that I call my world to give a special shout out to my peeps in Chitown…

You see, to cheer up her gloomy Genghis, Miss Boom Boom brought yer grrl to a great show at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night. White Rabbits. A kin to santoki. Heard of them? I hadn’t before this weekend, and lordy have I been missing out.

They are a bunch of cute hipsters who can rock out in that ska without horns kind of way. Super fun! So for my Chicago crew, check them out on Tuesday, 5 June 2007 at Schuba’s. They put on a great show, and they might be playing a few new songs, which is funny considering that the album came out less than a month ago.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Moody McAnnoyingpants.