by santoki

genghis_khan.jpgIn the printed world, there seems to be an agreed upon symbol string that one uses instead of cussing. Something like !@#$!

Welcome to my morning, except with more exclamation marks. “What is she going on about?” you might ask. Excellent question, my dear hearts. Seems that girlfriend needed to get up before sunrise for a conference call to the UK. Seems that all of the numbers I received are worthless. Seems that nobody is on hand to help a sista out. Seems that I woke up for nothing. Even my usual Lou Piniella emoticon cannot convey my fury.

Will the good citizens of NY be spared a harrumphing little gal? Will a nap save your Genghis from a perilously grumpy day? Will someone please tell me what happened on Heroes last Monday? Only one way to find out.

BTW: Chicago bound on Friday. I will be there until Sunday early morn. Find me?