i might be pooped!

by santoki

There is a sign that a gal might be exhausted, and it is this. A very few minutes ago, I found myself sobbing hysterically in an apartment in Astoria while watching Disney’s “Ice Princess.” Seriously.

It was the part of the movie where the skater grrl experiences a disastrous moment (she face plants her triple lutz) in her long program of the regionals, and she is filled with despair. Just when all hope begins to seep from her downtrodden spirit, she spots her mother in the crowd. Did I mention that she spots her mom while spinning?

Spot a face. Turn. Familiar face. Turn. Is that mom? Turn. I think it is. Turn. I need her support. Turn. It’s her! Turn. Is she mad? Slow the turn. She is smiling. Turn. Losing momentum. Come to a stop. Stare. Smile. There is a pregnant pause as she is filled with the joy of mom support. Juiced up by the happy grimace of Joan Cusack, our heroine triple loops her way to a second place finish. Well heck. I ain’t made of stone! Tears, ugly face, everything. Then, I realized what I was doing. “What the hell is wrong with me?!” Clarity followed by hysterical laughter.

So very pooped.

This has been a spectacular weekend. To start, I can finally say that I have been to Long Island. Boy did I! After a harrowing experience at the airport, a near miss at Islip, and a long, long drive out to East Hampton, the ensuing weekend with the newly married Rohs was a blast and a half. This is a potato!The wedding was picture perfect, not to mention fun, fun, FUN! Major credit where credit is due: best plus one ever! Major shout out to Mr. Math for making a good weekend great. Nothing to do with anything, but the mushroom to the left was part of the meal. And by the way, that isn’t a mushroom. It is actually a potato. The funny thing was that while everyone at the table was eating it, they were seriously bummed that it wasn’t a mushroom.

Anywho, after a fantastic weekend in the Hamptons (gosh I love saying that), I have settled in for the short haul at the home of Miss Boom Boom Bruschi. She is one of those longtime friends. You know the deal. You lose touch, you find it again. It feels like nothing has changed, although everything is completely different. I think that might be an ongoing theme in my world. YEESH! How’s that for a Doogie moment? Someone needs to go to bed.