by santoki

I’ve been a bit cryptic about a few things lately. Humblest apologies, as jinxes abound. You know, eyes to be dotted and tease to be crossed. For the biggest one, it looks like everything is just about final. I guess there is only one thing left to say to my New York peeps:




That’s right, my friends! Grab the glitter, free up some bail money, and get ready for the whirlwind! Your girl Genghis is coming home, right coast style! Badder than ever, with an attitude to match!

louthumbsup.jpgWhew. Needed to get all of those exclamation marks out of my system. So here is the story in a nutshell: A few weeks ago, Mr. Taylor offered me a position on a project that will be based in NYC. It’s the perfect interim while waiting for grad school, n’est ce pas? It took a few weeks to iron out the details, but it seems that everything is go, go, GO!

I will be leaving my beloved Chicago on Friday morning, head to Hamptons for the wedding of the summer, and finally settle my pretty little self in one of the five for the next few months. I have left most of y’all in the dark about this, save for those few whose couches I will call home base, and a few in Chicago that might miss me too much.

To my New York contingency, enjoy the love while you can, as this is only temporary.

To my Chicago crew, I will be back on a bunch of weekends, but will still miss you more than you could know.