foiled by smatt read

by santoki

For the most part, the Sunday puzzle is a fun challenge. While I usually solve it before Thursday, it is definitely down to the wire on some [1]. This week?

Totally grasping at straws.

For some reason, the only answer I could think of was “jade plant.” Plant, as in Robert Plant, and Jade, as in Ms. Jade of Beat Club Records.

Like I said, a stretch. I am sure that when I hear the correct answer, I will feel suitably mortified. In any case, if anyone’s figured it out, please correct me. I am festering in my wrongitude.

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here shaking an angry fist at Will Shortz. At least, that is, until I get my lapel pin. Sigh.

EDIT:  ARGH!  Who feels dumb now?!  Not only was I not even close, but the answer was so obvious!  PETTY CASH!  argh.

[1] For some reason, most of the people selected to play the Sunday Puzzle with Will and Leanne will say something like “Oh, I got the answer to the puzzle right away. I solved it on the way home from brunch.” Almost every dang one of them. Just once, I would love to hear, “You know, I did a Google search, and read every single entry on Greek gods in Wikipedia, until I realized that the answer was a Roman god. By that point, I was just using my mad search engine skills until the answer jumped out at me. Even then, I wasn’t too sure, but I figured, hey you wouldn’t pick me unless I was right. So here I am. Oh crap, you’re going to make me do anagrams?!” A girl can dream.