plans gone awry…

by santoki

I’d like to think that I have a positive outlook on my world. Life and lemonade and all. Though, every once in a while, this funny thing we call reality takes my lemonade and throws it in my face. It’s all pinchbeck from here on out, or at least for the rest of the week.A grumpy lou.

Forget the brave face, and stiff upper lip. Bump that. I am having a very bad week. There are certain disappointments in life, be it in myself, loved ones, strangers, or situations, that are completely overwhelming. To complicate matters, it can be any combination of the four. I think it works out to 15 possibilities. Any way you add it up, I am left seriously bummed.

Caffeine isn’t the self-med it used to be. I need a solid escape hatch. Alcohol is messy, shopping comes with a self-destruct button, and it’s never fun to gamble alone. I would run away from home, but my place is too messy for that. I’ve been trying to find ways to cheer myself up, but am failing miserably. Sigh.

If you need me, I’ll be on the corner of disappointments 8 and 13.