footnotes the long way…

by santoki

Creating footnotes in WordPress without a plug-in.

I went looking for some help on how to make footnotes in WordPress. I tried the FAQs, and I tried the forums. It wasn’t as helpful as I had hoped. They kept pointing me in the direction of a plug-in. I guess that I am not that savvy in the ways of wordpress.

Suffice it to say, I have no idea how to install a plug-in into my wp-admin, and actually, I am not quite sure what they are talking about. I am guessing that I might be able to do that if I paid for the editor upgrade. Who knows?

Anyway, time to come up with my own solution. After a bit of finagling, this is the code for creating in text parenthetical references, and linking footnotes:

Use this to create the parenthetical reference [1]:

<a href=”#_ftn1″ name=”_ftnref1″ title=”_ftnref1″>[1]</a>

Use this to create the parenthetical reference [2]:

<a href=”#_ftn2″ name=”_ftnref2″ title=”_ftnref2″>[2]</a>

<!–I usually throw in a line before my footnotes–>


<a href=”#_ftnref1″ name=”_ftn1″ title=”_ftn1″>[1]</a> This is footnote 1.

<a href=”#_ftnref2″ name=”_ftn2″ title=”_ftn2″>[2]</a> This is footnote 2.

The results will look like this:

Use this to create the parenthetical reference [1]:


Use this to create the parenthetical reference [2]:



[1] This is footnote 1.

[2] This is footnote 2.

Sure, it might be a bit bulky and inelegant, but so am I. Copy and paste and footnote til you puke.

Please note:  When copying and pasting into your HTML editor, you will definitely have some tweaking to do.  Make sure to check the quotes, and the like.  Personally, I keep it handy in a .txt file with all the other “go to” tags.   Also, I don’t think that the sourcecode tags will work, as HTML is not really programming.