da bears. sigh.

by santoki

rallypants2.gifAs a Jets fan, I would like to say that I didn’t care about the game tonight. I would like to say that I was just watching to see good football. All lies. As an eight year resident of the second windy, I couldn’t help but hope that the Bears would take it. I really wanted them to win.

Perhaps I should have done more. Maybe I should have jumped on the bandwagon and bought a wardrobe full of Bears paraphernalia. That foam finger could have helped. And the chili. Every time I ate another bowl, they started doing great things. But I was so very full and a fourth bowl seemed like so very much. Maybe if I put my rally pants[1] on sooner… what was I thinking waiting for the fourth quarter?!

Or maybe, just maybe, if frickin’ Rex Grossman stopped being such a pussy and ran the ball up the middle for seven yards here and there instead of waiting to throw long bombs, and maybe if he didn’t trip over his own frickin’ feet, and maybe if he didn’t fumble the frickin’ snap, TWICE, and maybe if he didn’t throw two frickin’ interceptions at the worst possible FRICKIN’ moment, well maybe…

Sigh. It was probably the rally pants.


[1] rally pants – pants that have been turned inside out and backwards at a critical moment of a game to show support for a team. Derived from rally hat.