the password is SPUMY

by santoki

For those of you in the know, I am sure that you will all agree when I say that Gmail rocks.


Web Mail.


But every now and again, it does confuse me. You see, there is an unobtrusive banner that sits along the top that has relevant advertising and the like. My most recent banner?

gmail.gif’s word of the day is yeasty. Okay, ew. But really, my favorite part: “spumy, like yeast.” Yup, that’s what I was just thinking. Spumy?

(adj) covered with or resembling small bubbles as from being agitated by beating or heating; “the bubbling candy mixture”; “a cup of foaming cocoa”; “frothy milkshakes”; “frothy waves”; “spumy surf” [syn: bubbling] [1]

Not the first adjective that comes to mind when describing yeast, Mr. Princeton University. And more to the point, if anyone were to serve me cocoa that they happily describe as spumy, I would probably throw it back in their face. Spumy. yeech.

[1] “spumy.” WordNet® 2.1. Princeton University. 22 Jan. 2007.