thoughts on a new president, part 2 – Barack Obama

by santoki

My giddiness cannot be contained! Barack Obama has committed to Stage One of his 2008 presidential bid.

I can’t claim to know a ding-dong thing about politics, but I do know that Mr. Obama will make a great choice for President. Being in Illinois, we have watched him go from State Senator to political super-duper star. There are many reasons to love this man, but the biggest?

He is a smarty-pants. I know that an Ivy League pedigree may not mean as much as it used to, but as a grad of Columbia University and Harvard Law School (first African-American prez of the Harvard Law Review to boot), not to mention a professor at the University of Chicago, I am looking forward to the day when the world will look to America and see a scholar at the helm.

Mr. Obama says of America, “I believe in you.” Well, as part of America, I believe in him. Go Barack!