thoughts on a new president, part 1

by santoki

Last week, Mr. Bush made an announcement that troop escalation was to begin in Iraq, with the first deployment on January 15th. That it was to begin on Martin Luther King Day was of little importance to the man.

I am tired of this guy. I am tired of overseas friends and strangers thinking that this man represents the country. I am tired of him speaking in my stead. I am tired of a man with his arguable military experience sending young men and women overseas to clean up his mess, and I am tired of him. His treatment of this country, his political party, his inner circle, his allies, his enemies, and the world at large will viewed by historians as either a big honking mess, or… no that’s it.

Like the majority of my circle, I am looking forward to November 4, 2008. Not only is it a special day for a dear loved one, but it is the day when we elect a new president. I guess that the big question will be “Who?” Democrats, republicans, independents, and no Cheney. The field is wide open, and there is hope in the world once more.