happy new year, i am ready for my geek card…

by santoki

Finally, I am back in Chitown after gallivanting about the country. For those that I missed on this visit, happy new year! Family on the left, friends on the right, more family on the right. This was a whirlwind of a holiday, kids. It was great to see everyone, though I will admit that I slept for about 13 hours as soon as I returned to the Second City last night. Next time, we shoot for quantity time!

settlers of catan

One of the major highlights this time out was my visit to New Haven. During this short but sweet visit with D and J, they introduced me to one of the best games ever, “Settlers of Catan.” Apparently, I am jumping on this bandwagon about 11 years too late, but no matter. The game took about 20 minutes to explain, and no time to learn. I think that it qualifies as a hoot and a half. I went out and bought the game the next day. Literally.

Though, I will say that glancing through the instructions the next day, there were many rules that we didn’t follow. Further, when looking at the web site, there were even more rules that I didn’t know existed! No matter. Still loads of fun. I will expect everyone to figure out this game and be ready for some tournament action the next time I am in town.

Maybe I will also bring some 12 sided dice!

P.S. Great restaurants of the weekend:

Kings’ Carriage Housea charming little (very little) American Bistro type place that feels like a very fancy aunt’s living room. Their creme of carrot soup is amazing.

PruneBrunch and the Chicago Matchbox Bloody Mary’s – yummy, and a good name for a movie. Though Laurie mentioned that if she spends $30 dollars on alcohol, she had better be good and drunk. She has a serious point!