101 Things in 1001 Days

Inspired by my righteous Ms. Al, what follows is my to do list for the next 1001 Days.

Starting tomorrow.

[Update:  I am will get around to writing a bit of a synopsis, but in the meantime, I am going to be happy crossing things off.]

Start: 28 June 2007
End: 25 March 2010

  1. Sleep outside.
  2. Name ten stars in the fall sky.
  3. November is National Novel Writing Month.
  4. Learn to walk in heels.
  5. Learn to tango.
  6. Learn to pick a lock.
  7. Learn to make excellent risotto.
  8. Learn to cook Thai Food.
  9. Make the perfect omelet.
  10. Write a love song, preferably with clapping.
  11. Make a concerted effort to get on a game show.
  12. Find a hat that looks good on me.
  13. Take sailing classes.
  14. Become a strong swimmer.
  15. Snorkel.
  16. Visit a friend who is far away.
  17. Visit a friend who is emotionally far away.
  18. Reconnect with a long lost friend. 12/12/08
  19. Make tasty mead.
  20. Eat a mangosteen.
  21. See the northern lights.
  22. Be an extra in a movie.
  23. Be somewhere I really shouldn’t with a very nervous someone.
  24. Unintentionally break someone’s heart.
  25. Grant a wish.
  26. Have a completely spontaneous day.
  27. Have a beautifully orchestrated night.
  28. Start a club.
  29. Find 20 letterboxes.
  30. Write a fan letter.
  31. Write a love letter.
  32. Write a letter to the editor.
  33. Write my Senator.
  34. Write my Congressman.
  35. Write my President (as opposed to the current one).
  36. Buy stationary.
  37. Buy stamps.
  38. Buy a really nice stereo system.
  39. Master fake eyelashes. – 07/07/07
  40. Find a rockin’ pair of glasses.
  41. Meet Ira Glass.
  42. Drink a beer from each continent (excluding Antarctica)
  43. Take a dunk in each Great Lake.
  44. Go skinny dipping.
  45. Make a bookshelf.
  46. Do a 5K fun-run.
  47. Run away from home.
  48. ROAD TRIP!
  49. See the Grand Canyon from the inside.
  50. Visit the rest of the US (12 states to go).
  51. Go a week without wearing make-up.
  52. Callous my fingers from playing music.
  53. Make a scene, in a happy way.
  54. Busk in three different ways.
  55. Busk in three countries.
  56. Volunteer at the library.
  57. Patch the ceiling in the guest room.
  58. Learn to whistle with my fingers.
  59. Go to ten ballparks that I have yet to visit.
  60. Paint a picture.
  61. Memorize a Shakespearean monologue.
  62. Learn to fake a British accent.
  63. Storm out of a room, dramatically.
  64. Get a facial – 07/08/07
  65. Retool some old clothes into new clothes.
  66. Hit 210 yards with my driver.
  67. Go kayaking.
  68. Clean out my closets.
  69. [Insert your own innuendo]
  70. Frame my posters.
  71. Buy a work of art.
  72. Get to 400 blog entries.
  73. Learn the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and a few bizarre facts about each.
  74. Take a photo for arts sake.
  75. Write five new saint adaptations.
  76. Stage a puppet show.
  77. See Oprah.
  78. See an Opera.
  79. Karaoke Freebird.
  80. Have a conversation with a stranger.
  81. 503 Random Acts of Kindness (or maybe just niceness).
  82. 24 hours without saying “Like.”
  83. 24 hour without starting a sentence with “So.”
  84. Be in a parade.
  85. Be a fundraiser.
  86. Spend a week volunteering.
  87. Visit 5 museums that I have yet to see.
  88. Be selfish for an entire day.
  89. Be selfless for an entire day.
  90. Spend an entire day in my pajamas.
  91. Bowling for bridesmaids.
  92. Crafting in cocktail dresses – 8/29/07
  93. See a penny, pick it up. 100x
  94. Read 5 books that I own, but haven’t read.
  95. Finish 5 books that I have started.
  96. Leave well enough alone.
  97. Watch five movies that I pretend I’ve already seen.
  98. See a play.
  99. Have a picnic.
  100. Plant a tree.
  101. See the sunset over each ocean.